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For those of us sane enough to be in support of series three of Torchwood
TORCHWOOD: Children of Earth.

About Us:

After all the batshit crazy going around Torchwood fandom at the moment (and in particular the abuse shown towards the writers/creaters of our show), and knowing that there are more than a few people out there who want to distance themselves from this kind of behaviour, tw_coe was created as a place where fans of Torchwood: Children of Earth could band together in a safe environment to talk/post fiction/fanworks about the series and to show our continued support of the show/series as a whole.

On Discussions:

Whilst discussion of Children of Earth is encouraged, we do not want to wade through any rage filled entries. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and there are of course going to be things you didn't like about the series, which you are welcome to comment on, however this isn't a place for bitching and moaning. We are here because we (overall) enjoyed the series and want to band together over it. Save any wank/hate for your own journals.

On FanWorks:

- FanFiction, though allowed must be COE compliant and set either during or after the series. This doesn't mean you can't include characters who perhaps didn't make it to the end of the series, but it does mean we won't accept blatant "resurrection" fiction. If you want to use a "dead" character, please set the fic during a particual Day of COE and continue on from there.

If you just want to bring characters back please check out our affiliates fork_you_coe and torchwood_fic which will allow you to post fix-it-fic. There are a gazzilion and one other Torchwood fanfic communities out there willing to accept these kinds of fics also so lets keep things strictly COE compliant here, thanks.

All fiction must be behind an lj-cut and include a variation of this template:


- Icons & Graphics, are also allowed (as are fanvids, fanmixes, etc). Please ensure that the bulk of your post is behind an lj-cut with a maximum of three icons/one small graphic outwith the cut to give a promo of your work.

On Spoilers:

As this community is strictly for Torchwood: Children of Earth, spoilers do not need to be warned for, as we'd like to assume anyone joining/watching has already seen the series in its entirty.


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